Nowadays, almost every company is looking to outsource their debt collections as either they don’t have the required knowledge and expertise to manage it or don’t have sufficient time to do the same.


Indeed, hiring a Singapore debt collection agency ensures you the top services and lets your staff devote their precious time to other areas where they are better trained to do so, rather than stressing over collection calls.


But when it comes to choosing one agency to rely on, businesses often struggle and end up choosing a company that is big or popular. Well, not their fault; it is human nature to gravitate towards the biggest and so-called best. In the sparkle of big names, we all forget to research what is good for us.


Well, keep in mind, it does not matter if the company is big or famous, simply make sure it operates well and give you complete attention.


At the Heart of Any Good Agency are the Skilled Agents


A good agency not only works with the strategy to fill the seats and hopes a few good agents stick around. Instead, they develop and train a seasoned group of collectors to understand the importance of every client and not just a bonus check. That means they focus on protecting your business and developing a lasting relationship with each client.


Personalized Attention to You


A good agency makes it their priority to understand how your company operates. Skilled Singapore Debt Collector works hard to comprehend your operations and the way an invoice is generated. It is because the greater the understanding of the charges they are calling about, the greater chance of collecting the payment. When you speak with the collector, it should feel like you are communicating with an extension of your office.


Questions to Ask a Debt Collection Agency Representing your Company


If you are still in a dilemma about choosing the right agency for you, check out the questions below. Asking all such from the collector you are going to pick will give you a complete idea of who is representing you.


  • How many years of experience the agency have?
  • What size of debt do you generally collect?
  • Can you list out the certifications your agency has?
  • Is there any specific procedure you follow?
  • What are the fees and commission rate (if any) of the agency?
  • Can the agency assure safe transfer, process, and storage of consumer data?
  • Do you treat indebted customers with respect?
  • What is your agency’s success rate in collecting debts?
  • What is the fee for an initial consultation?
  • Is there any contract to sign before getting started?
  • Can you tell us about the type of clients you currently work with?
  • Can you keep us informed about the progress on account(s)?



If you are looking for a Debt Collector in Singapore, we at Resolute Debt Recovery can help. We have been serving as a trustworthy debt collection agency since 2012. Our past experiences and skills make us the best in helping businesses collect unpaid accounts seamlessly. No matter how complicated the customer is, our experienced collector will help you receive the payments you’re owed quickly.


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