We have high moral and professional standard in our business. However, there are still some companies or individuals who claim themselves as debt collectors. Singapore debt collection services is in a stage where government regulation is building up soon so as to deal with collectors that may have the incentives to engage in improper activities, which can harm and damage the client image and jeopardize it’s right.

Resolute debt recovery had been in the commercial debt collection business for a long period of time, and is one of the premier debt collection company in Singapore.

Our Debt Recovery Process
This is a generalized list of the debt collection process.
Before reviewing this process here are a few points to consider:

  • All claims are somewhat unique and may not necessarily follow this pattern.
  • Time frames are purposefully omitted because of the uniqueness and handling of each claim.
  • Not included in this list is the fact that at any point in the collection process the debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy the debt.
  • We can accommodate special handling requests.
  • We provide timely updates on claims as there are developments.
  • With regard to payment, when the payment is received by the Client directly, the Client notifies us immediately and we send them an invoice for our commission.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide and diverse range of services to aid you in your debt collection needs. As well as having a dedicated legal department we also offer comprehensive tracing and site visit services.