With the current global economy dropping due to the pandemic, many people and businesses across the world are facing numerous losses. People are now taking loans from family, friends, loan sharks, and banks to help them get through these economically tough times. The situation is not getting better and you find yourself stuck taking a loan to pay off another loan.

Banks, loan sharks, and other individuals are going on losses every day since some people do not pay them back in due time or try and evade them completely to avoid paying what they owe. This calls for the professional help from debt recovery agencies to help them legally acquire their money back.

Many debt collection agencies work locally and internationally in Singapore and here is a list of the very best agencies guaranteed to get your money back legally.

1)    The Resolute debt recovery agency

It is a legal debt collection agency in Singapore. They approach debtors intending to strike a deal with them to find the best repayment strategy for them. The team of debt collectors unconventional collection methods to approach debtors. Additionally, they get the help of debt collection lawyers when needed. They have been in existence for a while that has made them have a great reputation.

This resolute debt recovery agency will help you save on time, provide enough comfort and assurance of getting your loan paid.

Services offered

  • Personal debt recovery
  • Commercial debt recovery
  • Professional debt recovery lawyer
  • Overdue payment recovery

2)    Singapore Debt Collection Service (SDCS).

With over 15years in the debt collection industry this company has a more than 85% success rate in recovering debts for their clients. They have well-trained debt enforcement specialists who perform their duties efficiently with uttermost integrity for the debtors.

They use excellent tactics teams to offer fast recovery of debts. These teams are comprehensive with the progress they make offering transparency to their clients.

Some of the services offered include;

  • Personal debt recovery
  • Commercial debt recovery
  • Letter of demand services
  • Tracking services using private investigators
  • Local and international debt recovery.

3)    Rocket Debt Collection.

This is a debt collection agency that offers effective and timely results. They are a credible agency and are well known in Singapore. Integrity is amongst their key goals in all the recoveries they conduct.

Here are some of the services they provide;

  • Corporate debt recovery
  • Personal debt recovery
  • Mediation services

All their collection methods are professional, civilized, efficient, and objective for all parties. They are also very transparent with all their pricing methods and do not have any hidden or added costs once a contract has been signed.

To ensure client satisfaction, they offer periodic updates for all the work they have done. They also work in compliance with all local laws and regulations in an earnest manner to ensure the safety of your reputation or your company.

4)     National Debt Collectors.

National debt collectors are a fully licensed and bonded agency under Singapore’s customer Protection Act and Lemon Law. Their expertise will guarantee your money is back where it rightfully belongs. This will in turn help limit the losses from debts and make sure your personal or business cash flow is steady.

They are quite renowned for their services and are named as one of the leading debt collectors with satisfied clients from Sentosa to PulauTekong.

Their services include;

  • Personal services
  • Flat rate services
  • Judgment recovery
  • Skip tracing/Asset location
  • Legal services
  • Third-party debt collection


5)    Jms Rogers.

With the unique services they provide, they have gained credibility amongst their network of both local and international clients. Since 2004, they have been able to recover an average of S$30M for clients all over South East Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia).

They are committed to achieving your objectives once engaged and will maintain professionalism all through the job. The specialists are well trained to work discreetly yet very effectively respecting the dignity of their debtors.

JMS Rogers closely associates with other professionals such as private investigators and lawyers to get the job done. They are also cost-effective making them favorable to the clients.

Their services include;

  • Investigative services
  • Enforcement services
  • Recovery
  • Mediation services
  • Anti-scam and anti-illegal loan shark harassment cases
  • Skip tracing.

6)    DMS Debtors.

DMS aims to work lawfully, professionally, tactfully, and handle all recovery cases with uttermost integrity. They have a management team formed by ex-police officers with combined experience in debt recovery and knowledge of the law in Singapore making them very efficient in their work.

An outstanding difference between DMS and other debt collectors is that DMS offers a ‘service guarantee’ package to assure their clients’ recovery of the money debtors owe them. This makes this agency one of the best.

In addition, they own several companies that deal with debt-related cases ensuring customers will find what works for them.

Their general services include;

  • Personal services
  • Corporate services
  • Debt restoration

They fulfill all their services with utmost commitment to ensure both the creditors and debtors establish a great bond through a reasonable repayment plan. Their website includes all the companies they have merged with to make the debt collection processes safer and easier.


7)    Alan & Steiner Debt Recovery Pte Ltd.

With over a decade of working in this field, this company has made its mark in the debt collector industry. They offer a variety of services, whether you are paying a loan or someone owes you they will guarantee their expertise to get what you want.

From personal to commercial loans, Alan & Steiner is the answer to get debts restored and avoid losses, especially in businesses.

Services include;

  • Debt restoration
  • Personal services
  • Commercial loan services
  • Payment of loans etc.


We are facing very hard times and daily, the economy seems to be dropping. Losses can further deteriorate your business and some even end up shutting down due to such situations. One might think that taking matters into their own hands is a solution to get back what a debtor owes them fast but this leads to further problems.

Involving legal agencies to help you acquire back what is yours is the fastest and most guaranteed way to achieve this. The agencies offer reliable, credible, and effective solutions for you to maintain your personal or company’s reputation.

Also, remember when taking a loan, to take a sum that you can manage if you take a large sum that you can’t afford. It will be troublesome to pay it back.