You may find yourself in a fix and decide to get a loan to cater for some necessities. That’s how you become a debtor by owing the creditor. However, if you stay for long without paying the debt interest may increase leaving you in the hands of the debt collectors.

Many people may term debt collectors as bad, however, that is their work. Their major role is to remind you about your outstanding debt and keep following up. However, what most people don’t know is that they are understanding and can help you to negotiate the right repayment plan.

Debt collector’s agencies are all over the world. Resolute debt Recovery Company is one of the best in Singapore. I will provide a better understanding of debt collectors specifically in Singapore.

1)    Debt collectors don’t have anything to do with money lending businesses.

Debt collectors are always termed as being a nuisance. However, trust me, they aren’t involved with the lending companies. They are just middlemen who are given the role to follow up on loan defaulters to ensure they pay in good time.

Typically, these debt collectors are assigned the role to get back money owed by debtors. They act as a reminder, the same way your alarm clock reminds you that it’s time to wake up or do a certain task, that’s what the debt collectors do.

They earn by taking a commission from the amount returned by the debtors. If you negotiate well with the debt collectors, you can set a flexible repayment plan that you can manage depending on your financial status.

2)    Debt collectors can help get debts from your family members or friends.

It can be really hard to recover a loan that you had given out to your family member or friend. Hence, if you want to use the official way to get your money back, you can consult a debt collector.

The debt collector will act as an intermediary between the two of you. This will help to come up with the right strategy for your friend or family member to pay the debt.

It can be hard approaching someone close, but if a lot of money is at stake, use a debt collector. You can also tell the collector your relation with the person, to ensure they use the right procedure to get the debt.

However, before anything can be done, you should provide proof of the claim. It shouldn’t just be a case of misunderstanding between close friends or family.


3)    Debt collectors can’t harass debtors

A debt collector is a middle man who enquires from a debtor on when they will pay their debt. Hence, they don’t have a personal relationship with the loan lending business, thus can’t be harsh on the debtor. Their role is just to remind the debtor of the loan they need to pay back.

If you weren’t aware, these legal debt collection agencies have a protocol that requires a debt collector to follow a code of conduct. In Singapore, it is called the Credit Collection Association of Singapore(CCAS).

In this code of conduct, a debt collector should be ethical when approaching people. No matter the pressure on the debt collector’s side, they need to maintain patience.

The debt collector, should never harass the person, or distress the person. In addition, they shouldn’t use threatening words, but instead, be polite. No kind of violence is allowed when requesting for payment of the debt. Even if a debtor doesn’t pay as illustrated in the repayment plan, the debt collector, should not damage their property or stalk the person to see what they are doing or embarrass them in public.

The debt collector profession is critical and requires the following of ethics. In no way should a debt collector try to impersonate a government body at all. They should stick to the agency’s rules.

4)    The debt collectors can help you to negotiate a suitable repayment plan

Debt collectors are independent candidates. Hence, they can help find the right repayment plan for you. This is because you can reveal your monthly earnings and through that, discuss the percentage you can be given in a week or month. They are understanding and their main role is to ensure you repay the loan in a considerable amount of time.

The next time a debt collector in Singapore approaches you, try to discuss with them your capabilities and how fast you can clear your loan.

This is important to ensure you don’t fall into depression due to the pressure of paying the debt. Debt collectors are normal people and they understand what happens.

5)    Debt collectors are empathetical

Some debt collectors are civil and empathetic. They are third parties hence, they aren’t fully part of the loan lending businesses. They won’t pour out their frustration on you at all. Hence, when approached by a debt collector, try to speak professionally to them. This is to make them understand your financial status and how fast you can pay the debt.

However, some may be a bit harsh. Hence, when approached by one, try to evaluate the kind of person they are and formulate a great repayment plan with them. Some debt collection agencies are great at understanding people and not putting any kind of pressure on debtors.

However, even after talking with a debt collector, try your best to follow the repayment plan to ensure the relationship between you and the debt collector is great. It wouldn’t be great to disappoint at all.


To be a great debt collector, you need to listen, be sensitive, be cool, take your time, be clear, understand your job, and be compliant and understanding. As a debtor, ensure you try your best to relate well with the debt collector for a better repayment scheme.

Also, be assured that a debt collector can’t come to your workplace, harass you, pursue you for debt or call at any time. There is a code of conduct that they must follow strictly.

However, they can always call you to know when you will pay a debt, pressure you, sue you for a debt, and negotiate what you owe.